The Top 7 Supplies Every Beginner Scrapbooker Needs

Chances are, you have read all about scrapbooking and now you are ready for your first album.

Congratulations, because as a beginner to scrapbooking, things are about to get fun. The thing is, you have probably never had to go shopping for scrapbooking and ‘card making supplies’ before. And, chances are, it’s been awhile since your last craft store or craft market visit.

But that’s okay.. Because I’m going to make your first scrapbooking project a breeze. I have gone ahead and listed my top 7 must-have scrapbooking and card making supplies below. This is a list of the supplies that are essential for any great scrapbook.

Without further ado, let’s get into it:

Card Stock

Card stocks are the hard papers that form the background or photo mount for your scrapbook. In terms of importance, card stock ranks all the way at the top of your card making supplies list.

Usually, the stock that you choose will guide the rest of your scrapbook. For example, card stock will impact the colours, the embellishments and even your highlighting choices. Which is why picking the right card stock and colour is important.

Scrap / Patterned Paper

Patterned paper colour coordinates with the card stick inside of your scrapbook. Most craft shops should have a variety to choose from. However, you can also find patterned paper (and other supplies) right now in Caroline’s store —where it’s organised in one place and colour coordinated to make your choice easier.

You can pick thick heavy scrap, much like your card stock. Then, there’s also thinner lighter scrap, that has a different look and feel. The aim when picking any card making supplies is to stay in line with your overall theme.


Adhesives are used to stick photos and embellishments in place. Most craft stores will have lots of options -which can be confusing. Find a variety of adhesives to meet all of your scrapbooking and card making needs right here.

Tape, glue dots and glue sticks are great for general scrapbooking items. Whereas, liquid craft glue is best for plastic items and metal charms.


Embellishments are the shiny exciting trinkets we add to our book. There are many types such as shipboard frames, overlays, accents, flowers, tags and much more. Most craft markets will have entire sections with various embellishments. The trick is to make sure that your embellishments enhance each page without distracting from the photos.


Stamps bring your scrapbooking or card making project to life. Stamps are easy to use, simple to store and most importantly, offer creative control and artistic precision every time you use them.


Albums give you a unique and personalized way to keep your scrapbook together. You’ll want to browse your local craft shop for an album that is the right colour, texture and size for your book. You can also easily find the right album for your scrapbook here.


Ink is used to enhance your stamping with a range of water colour paints, pencils and markers. By having a colour palette, you take the guesswork out of mixing and matching products. Make sure to match your ink with your card stock and patterned paper.

The above tips will set you on your way to making your first scrapbook. Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and the most important goal is to learn and have fun.